Aging Empowerment 2018 Conference

By Joe Gallagher

On June 14th, I will be presenting at the 2018 Aging Empowerment Conference in Madison hosted by InControl Wisconsin.  The two-day event (June 14–15) is open to the public to participate and discuss the notion that older individuals should be empowered to live the life that THEY see fit.  This year’s speaker is international empowerment expert Dr. Simon Duffy of Citizen Network.

The sessions are centered on giving a voice to older adults and allowing them to maintain control of their own lives, rather than succumbing to the all-too-familiar outcome of being placed into a skilled care community by one’s family members. Oftentimes, our senior care facilities are isolated from the rest of the population thus creating a disconnect. And while I agree that necessary care is very important, it does not need to only occur in isolated settings.

INTERGENERATIONAL HOUSING: A Promising Strategy to Address the Workforce Challenge
Presented by Joe Gallagher
Thursday, June 14 at 2:15–3:15

For my presentation, I’ll discuss my ongoing research on the benefits of Intergenerational Housing. The programs and services associated with intergenerational housing support self-determination and allow seniors to be better integrated with the community outside of the facility.  Intergenerational communities have created on-site daycares where children interact with residents on a consistent basis. Others have established technology workshops where teens can teach seniors. But all of them share the commonality that they are creating conversations between generations and ultimately forging relationships.

Providing a community to age in place is one thing.
Providing a community where you can age in place and be surrounded by YOUTH is another thing. 
But providing a community where you can grow old and still contribute to everyday society – that is the ultimate goal. 

Together, we can create the spaces in which these opportunities can and will exist. 


P.S. When you buy one registration you can bring an older adult for free—spread the word! Scholarships are also available.

Will I see you at the conference?  Let’s connect!



Originally from just outside of Philadelphia, PA, Joe graduated from Temple University (Philadelphia) with a master’s degree in architecture. He and his wife relocated to the Madison area in August of 2016, and in June of 2017 he joined JLA Architects as an architectural associate. He is currently two exams away from licensure. Senior Living design is something that he has always been passionate about. His goal is to enhance collaboration between designers and medical professionals within the field of aging and memory loss during this extremely imperative time, as senior numbers continue to grow. Joe comments, “Thinking outside of the box is extremely important right now, as senior numbers continue to increase, and workforce numbers remain static and/or decrease.”