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A multi-phase project was proposed in Michigan renovating and adding additional buildings at the Michigan State Fairgrounds.

The initial phase was projected to include The A.L.E.R.T. Education and Technology Center to serve teachers, students, and parents. The center would focus on math, writing, reading, and commonly tested English grammar concepts. The targeted population segment was projected to be students from middle and high school preparing for standardized testing (ACT, SAT, etc.). Part of the center would include a parent education center to help expand the basis of knowledge needed for parents to help their children be ready for success in a college setting.

In latter phases, a community arts building was projected to include a 700-seat theatre. Local students and teachers would be invited to view and learn about the production of a local sports-focused TV program. The building was also planned to be a leasable space for community events.

In addition, a Sports Hall of Fame space was designed to honor the achievements of Michigan athletes.


“We have been using JLA Architects for the past two years and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent work, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive design.”

Earle B. Higgins, Sr., Founder, Athletes Learning Educational Resources Training (A.L.E.R.T)


Detroit, Michigan


43,600 total s.f.

Education center

Hall of Fame

Sports film archive

TV Studio for filming Detroit-based sports show

700-seat auditorium

Support spaces

Outdoor fields

Renovations to the existing buildings including mechanical system updates