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Brock Hinze Joins JLA Architects’ Madison Office

Brock Hinze of JLA Architects Madison
Brock Hinze

MADISON — JLA Architects is proud to announce that Brock Hinze has joined our Madison office as a project designer. Brock has over 17 years of experience in a wide breadth of markets including education, corporate, and hospitality. Some of his major projects are complex mixed-use buildings located in both spacious suburban areas and dense urban sites. As a project designer at JLA, he’ll conceive, implement, and oversee the design of projects through all phases of the architectural process from conception through building occupancy. Although based in Madison, he’ll work closely with JLA’s other offices in Denver and Milwaukee.

“Brock takes great pride in producing high-quality designs. Although he’s passionate about the aesthetic of a project, constructability is incredibly important to him, and he wants to make sure the design is functional. As a former architecture instructor at the University of Kentucky, he also genuinely enjoys teaching, mentoring, and collaborating. Brock is going to be a great asset to our team,” explains Vice President & Madison Office Director Leah Teske.

When asked why he chose JLA, Brock explained: “I’m looking forward to making an impact on design here at JLA. With JLA being a growing firm, it’ll be exciting to be part of its continued evolution from the design perspective.”

Brock holds a master’s degree in MS Digital Technologies from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kentucky.

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We sat down with Brock to ask what led him to architecture and what he enjoys doing when he’s not designing —

What drew you to architecture as a career?

My favorite activities growing up, outside of sports, were creative in nature. I spent my free time sketching, drawing, and making models. Architecture school was focused on this type of creative work, so it was the perfect fit. In my career, I have been able to do these things and build on skills using digital technologies in modeling and fabrication.

What’s your favorite (or most unique) project you’ve worked on and why?

My favorite project is Emerson College’s Los Angeles campus. It is a mix of classical design and cutting-edge architecture. Our design team believed that we could do anything, even if it had never been done before. Our client and contractors supported the design team all the way from concept through construction, and with that support we made a successful project together.

What do you do for fun? Do you have any hobbies or special interests?

I play golf whenever the weather allows. I also love to paint and raise bonsai trees to satisfy my creative side.

Are you involved in the community? If so, what causes/organizations mean the most to you?

No, not currently. When I was young, I volunteered at the local zoo. My favorite cause is land and wildlife conservation.

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