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Barry Praeuner, JLA Architects

JLA Expands Project Management Team with the Addition of Barry Praeuner

MILWAUKEE — JLA Architects is pleased to announce Project Manager Barry Praeuner has joined the firm’s Milwaukee office. As a project manager at JLA, he will work collaboratively with our clients, consultants, and project teams to guide them through all phases of the architectural process, from conception to occupancy.  Although he will be based in the Milwaukee office, he will regularly collaborate with team members at all three of JLA’s offices.

Barry brings over 20 years of experience including retail, office, and institutional projects. At JLA, he’s looking forward to leveraging his 10 years of experience in multifamily development. Prior to JLA, he was with CBRE acting as an owner’s representative/project manager closely involved in on-site construction management services. His clients have ranged from local real estate developers to large national companies like Target.

Milwaukee Office Director/Vice President Steve Wagner is pleased to welcome Barry to the JLA team,

“We are fortunate to have Barry join JLA.  The ‘living in the day’ approach he brings to his projects and teams is refreshing, as it is centered on the ideal of life-long learning within our profession.”

When asked what drew him to JLA, Praeuner explained: “It was apparent that JLA is a well-organized firm. I was impressed with their dedicated QA/QC program and how they approach project management. I also appreciate their attention to work/life balance and the ability for me to work at home or in the office. So far everyone has been so friendly, it’s a great atmosphere!”

Praeuner acquired his Master of Architecture from the University of Nebraska (Lincoln, NE).

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What drew you to architecture as a career?

My high school offered residential architecture drafting classes, and I was drawn to the glossy Architecture magazines with “cool” buildings on the covers.

What’s your favorite (or most unique) project you’ve worked on and why?

The most unique project that I worked on was a synagogue in Scottsdale, Arizona. The members of the congregation were so involved, and it created a very warm and welcoming environment. The project was full of interesting challenges to honor their religious practices. For example, on Saturdays they do not ignite any fires, so they refrain from using electricity. This meant that their HVAC system would be programmed on Fridays in anticipation of the weather on Saturday. Another example was incorporating a pool to accommodate their bathing rituals. To align with their customs, we found a way to collect fresh rainwater from the rooftop. Then the challenge was how to transport the water from the roof to the pool as it needed to pass only through earthy materials, so we couldn’t use a typical PVC material. Ultimately, we used concrete to collect and feed the water down to the pool. We also couldn’t rely on electric pumps, so the system relies on gravity to transport the water.

What do you do for fun? Do you have any hobbies or special interests?

We have twin boys that are 14 years old, one is passionate about swimming and the other is in tennis. My wife & I stay busy with their activities, but when I have free time, I enjoy bike riding.

Are you involved in the community? If so, what causes/organizations mean the most to you?

I am a member of the Facilities Committee at my kid’s school. We help address current and future infrastructure challenges.

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