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Project Manager Rebecca Greek Joins JLA Denver

DENVER — JLA Architects is proud to announce that Rebecca Greek has joined our Denver office. As a project manager at JLA, she will work collaboratively with our clients, consultants, and project teams to guide them through all phases of the architectural process from conception to occupancy. Rebecca has over 19 years of experience in a variety of market sectors, including permanent supportive housing, affordable housing, K-12, and higher education.

“Rebecca approaches projects as if they’re a puzzle, understanding how even the smallest of details can make an impact in both the project’s outcome and budget. Her experience and passion for affordable housing and other specialty markets make her an invaluable addition to our team, both for our clients and as an internal resource for our team. I look forward to her leading project teams here at JLA,” explains Vice President & Denver Office Director Erik Jansson.

When asked why she chose JLA, Rebecca explained:

“It was evident that JLA takes a ‘no ego’ approach to architecture. I’ve appreciated the humility that exudes from everyone I’ve met at JLA. There’s also a trust & respect here that empowers employees to do their best work while still having a healthy work/life balance.”

Greek holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design/Architecture from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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We sat down with Rebecca to ask what led her to architecture and what some of her favorite Denver nonprofits are.

What drew you to architecture as a career?

I honestly don’t recall ever wanting to do anything else.

From a very young age, I had life experiences that were influenced by the space I was in. I was curious how both the natural and built environment could positively impact people’s lives. The curiosity to shape and inform the built environment was always in me.

While growing up, my mother was extremely influential in identifying my interest and finding opportunities for me to explore the profession. Any family vacation we took she would be sure to include architectural monuments and history. When it came time to pick a college and career path, I knew exactly what I wanted to do professionally.

What’s your favorite (or most unique) project you’ve worked on and why?

Valor on the Fax was a 72-unit, permanent supportive housing project I worked on recently. Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. and the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado came together to build what is believed to be first of its kind PSH to provide a home to unhoused people experiencing disability, primarily a traumatic brain injury.

Designing this building meant considering the varied impacts a brain injury could have on a person. Careful considerations were made in the design of the acoustics, lighting, accessibility, and finishes. The project utilized aspects of trauma-informed design to create spaces that would help residents find dignity and joy while nurturing stability and support in a caring community.

Another project that I’m extremely proud of is the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center. This project is a 16,000 s.f. performance arts and community space that was instrumental in revitalizing a community through creative and educational spaces. It was located along the Blue River in the core of Silverthorne, Colorado.

The site offered an easy opportunity to create an outdoor performing space with an expansive seating lawn adjacent to the river. Inside, the center includes two black box performance spaces, a grand welcoming lobby, as well as educational classrooms and performance practice rooms that also spill out onto the exterior lawn. The design took advantage of every opportunity to create a flexible and multifunctional space to bring the community together around the arts in multifaceted experiences.

What do you do for fun? Do you have any hobbies or special interests?

I enjoy gardening in the spring and summer, both veggies and flowers. This year I am focused on increasing my native, low-water-use plants and building habitats for native pollinators in my yard. When not working on my home projects, I love exploring communities and cultures, whether that’s traveling to an unfamiliar neighborhood in Denver, road tripping across the country, or expanding my international travel experiences.

Are you involved in the community? If so, what causes/organizations mean the most to you?

I volunteer on the board of my registered neighborhood organization Overland Park Neighborhood Association. As an architect, I find that I can provide support to my neighbors in understanding the rapid growth and change that is occurring in our community. This includes working to help my neighborhood navigate requests for zoning changes to understanding the city’s master planning process. My work with Overland includes advocating with city officials and agencies for resources and infrastructure to meet our community needs.

I also look for opportunities to assist and advocate for nonprofit agencies that are providing solutions and support for vulnerable, unhoused people in Denver. This includes organizations like Urban Peak, Brothers Redevelopment Inc, and Community Ministry Food Panty. In addition, Sweet Dream in a Bag is an organization that my in-laws operate that is dear to my heart. They provide cozy bedding to children in need. It’s a small local organization that I think has a big impact on the hearts of children who are so vulnerable.

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