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Exterior of building at Bergamont Townhomes, a multifamily development in Oregon, WI | Designed by JLA Architects

Bergamont Townhomes


Situated as the north gateway to the Legend of Bergamont neighborhood, the Bergamont Townhomes feature a mix of single-story duplexes and two-story four-family homes, each with an individual entrance, garage, and a porch or balcony.

Because parking on the street is limited, the buildings are laid out with small private yards, concentrated green spaces, and rain gardens to aid with drainage on a relatively flat site.  To relate to the existing homes in the neighborhood, the materials chosen are subtle in color tone, with several different siding textures, detailed trim elements, and masonry treatment.

Categories: Multifamily, Townhomes
Location: 249 N Bergamont Blvd, Oregon, WI 53575
Completion Date: January 2017
Number of units: 62
Units per acre: 4
Exterior amenities:
  • Individual entrances
  • Individual garages
  • Porch/balcony
  • Greenspace, rain gardens, pond

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