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About the Project

The Shield is a WHEDA-funded transitional housing development that includes both mixed-income and affordable housing. The Shield will be located on the Salvation Army of Dane County’s campus, next to the new Emergency Shelter.

A wide array of supportive services & amenities will be offered to assist residents, allowing them to stabilize their housing situations, increase their independence, & gain the tools/support that will allow them to break the cycle of homelessness or domestic violence.

“It has been a great experience working with JLA. They are very thorough, professional, and well spoken. They have been a huge asset on getting approvals thru the City process and we look forward to working with them more.”

Steve Wolters, Vice President Healthcare, Miron Construction


22 N. Blount St.
Madison, WI


Three-story building, including:
- 44 units, including 33 "set-aside" units for small families with special needs


March 2024