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Ballpark Commons Master Plan in Franklin, WI

Ballpark Commons


Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (MOSH) is the anchor tenant at Ballpark Common’s Performance Center. The facility offers three stories of supportive medical and training services, orthopedics, physical therapy, training for athletes and military, and corporate wellness programs.

It is part of the greater Ballpark Commons mixed-use development that encompasses over 200 acres (including the existing Rock Sports Complex). The complete development features a 4,000-seat stadium, commercial and retail businesses, restaurants, residential apartments, and various entertainment options.

Categories: Corporate, Masterplanning, Recreational
Location: Rawson & Loomis Roads, Franklin, WI
Completion Date: 2020
Project Data:
  • Franklin Field, a 4,000-seat stadium
  • Commercial and retail buildings
  • Velo Village, an active lifestyle multifamily community
  • MOSH Performance Center, an indoor sports facility
  • Luxe Golf Bays, an indoor/outdoor golf facility

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“We are seeing an ‘Experience Economy’ emerge, where people desire experiences much more than simple goods and services. Every element of Ballpark Commons is curated with experience, sustainability, and community at its heart.”
— Mike Zimmerman, ROC Ventures

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