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Offices for FCI and HCC at The Black Business Hub in Madison, WI | Designed by JLA Architects.

Forward Community Investments


Forward Community Investments (FCI) and Hope Community Capital (HCC) are both non-profit organizations focused on providing financial support to projects that enhance the community.

The approach to the design of their space within The Black Business Hub, was truly a collaboration between each organization’s branding and the Black Aesthetic of the building, while still maintaining a fresh, simple, and cohesive space.  The team developed multipurpose spaces—gathering space, break area, conference and hoteling space, benching workstations—that met the needs of both organizations and incorporated asymmetry and openness in the layout.  Angularity and pattern/texture can be found in wallcoverings, furnishings, and the backsplash, as well as color that represent both brands.  Vast windows let natural light flood the space and allow for connection to the neighborhood, providing an indoor/outdoor relationship.  The space is truly a representation of both FCI and HCC and a space where they can continue their important work for the community.

Categories: Community & Nonprofit, Corporate
Location: 2352 S Park St, Madison WI, 53713
Completion Date: January 2024
Project Data:
  • 1,700 sq ft
  • Open office workstations
  • Private offices
  • Conference room
  • Hoteling offices
  • Gathering space/break area

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