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Jennifer Camp, JLA 15th Anniversary

An interview with Jennifer Camp

Celebrating JLA’s 15 Year Anniversary

Jennifer, when did you start at JLA?

January of 2020, it was the start of a great year for me (as many other people were thinking at the beginning of that year too)!  Prior to 2020, I had been working virtually from home for an architecture firm based in Menomonee Falls, WI for many years.  It was a big transition for my four kids because Mom wasn’t going to be home all day anymore.  Just as we started getting used to the new normal as a family, Covid hit in March, and I started working from home again.

The Urbana, one of the projects Jennifer Camp has managed

What do you remember about those first days?

I remember Marc Ott was my JLA ambassador who helped me learn the ropes and answer any questions I had.  Being around people and the office chatter was a welcoming sound that I knew I was missing from my previous virtual office.

Do you remember your first project?  What was it?

My first two projects were The Urbana Apartments and The Current 2.  I worked on these apartments simultaneously but Urbana was smaller so it was completed first.

Any notable stories, funny moments, or lessons learned along the way?

When I was hired at my first architecture firm after graduating college, my desk was between two people named Sarah and John. When I started at JLA, I also sat between two people named Sarah and John. Also, I didn’t realize that Joe Lee and I both had sons who played baseball on the same team years earlier.  The boys figured it out while riding the bus home from school one day.

Jennifer Camp and team members on a construction site visit

What makes JLA unique and sets us apart from other firms?

The developers/owners we work with like to build beautiful buildings!  They allow the designers at JLA the opportunity to create architectural works of art.  I’ve been impressed and proud of all the buildings I’ve worked on here.

More about Jennifer

Jennifer brings 15 years of experience managing projects in the medical, religious, and multi-family realms. She takes great pride in seeing projects through from beginning to end, working collaboratively with the owner and general contractor throughout the process. Jennifer is passionate about creating living environments that are functional, beautiful, and enjoyable for their tenants.

    Project Highlights

    The Urbana Apartments, mixed-use | Madison, WI

    The Current 2, multifamily | Monona, WI

    The Standard, mixed-use | Madison, WI

    The Falls, multifamily + commercial | Menomonee Falls, WI

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